Frequently Asked Question

What is Fitness Leads?

Fitness Leads is a lead generation service for personal trainers, fitness instructors, and health clubs. Our goal is to find suitable fitness professionals for thousands of clients who are motivated to get fit and healthy. As such, we want to sign up as many fitness professionals all over the country to give our leads a wider, more diverse selection.

How do you get your leads?

We have web sites across the nation where people request information on how to get in shape and find personal trainers, fitness instructors, and health clubs in their area. We’re also in partnership with one of the biggest online bridal registries in the country. These affiliations allow us to capture leads which, in turn, we offer to you free of charge.

What is a profile page?

A profile page is a web page for you and your business. We’ll give you a profile page once you have registered with us. You don’t have to pay anything to get a profile page. To Get Started … Click Register

A profile page will give our leads an overview of your company or the services you offer. Our leads will see this profile even before they contact you. Thus, it is imperative that your profile page be as comprehensive and accurate as possible. It should include your specialties, hours of operation, contact details, and rates. Adding logos, directions and Google Maps of your office, as well as photographs, will make your profile more eye – catching and appealing to potential clients .

When would I have to pay for my closed lead?

Never! Fitness Leads is a FREE lead generation services. We won’t charge you for anything, not even for hosting your profile page. We will, however, charge the lead a small fee once they have closed the deal with you. This is what makes a relationship between you and Fitness Leads more like a partnership. Your success is our success. Thus, we will help you sign up your clients by doing follow – ups through email and phone calls.

To Get Started. Click Register and complete our registration form.

Once you have completed the registration we will be notified and call you back to schedule a time to walk you through our system.


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